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HCG Diet Phase 2 Meal Plan

NO fat, HIGH protein, VERY low carb and eating ONLY the HCG Diet allowable food is what makes this diet a distinctive one. Maintaining a 500 calorie diet is NO joke- a tiring process. NO worries because we’ve compiled a 1-week sample of meal plan that you can follow for your hcg diet phase 2 … Continue reading "HCG Diet Phase 2 Meal Plan"

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26 Days Protocol vs 46 Days HCG Diet Protocol

When to do the 26 days round?You can choose to do the 26 days protocol if you do not have much to lose. Here, you will have your shot of the HCG hormone beginning the first day of your journey with the HCG Diet. You’ll need 23 injections for this round. Day 1-2: HCG injections … Continue reading "26 Days Protocol vs 46 Days HCG Diet Protocol"

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HCG Diet: Where to Inject

Here are the five main areas in your body where you can inject the HCG: Your abdomen or the belly area Your abdomen is the most recommended area of your body for your HCG injections.  Do not inject too close to the belly button. You need to stay away at least two fingers away from … Continue reading "HCG Diet: Where to Inject"

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HCG Diet: How Much to Inject?

HCG is injected only ONCE a day, typically in the morning. Usually, it can take you about a minute or two and finally you’re done! However, the BIG question is “How much should you inject?” According to the original protocol of Dr. Simeon, the minimum daily dose that you can inject is 125 i.u to … Continue reading "HCG Diet: How Much to Inject?"

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How To Inject Your HCG

Your HCG injections are ready, but are you? Most HCG dieters, especially the newbies out there panic and forget almost everything they’ve told once they are on their own. Injecting the HCG is so easy and painless that most dieters do it every day with little to no issue at all. HOW TO INJECT: Once … Continue reading "How To Inject Your HCG"

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